Vortex Tracker II fork - work in progress

A work in progress fork of Vortex Tracker II

Since I don't have much experience with coding, most changes on my sides are purely aesthetic.
They include:
  • Merging few tabs of Options menu for easy access
  • «E» for Envelopes in Sample menu replaced with «M» for Mode for convenience
  • Numerous Engrish fixes
  • Including loader BASIC code for exported .TAP files (provided by YERZMYEY, still has to be typed manually onto the Speccy)
Planned features:
  • «E» bound to Envelope Toggle in the Sample Editor
  • Totally refreshed Options menu
  • Cleaned up UI
  • Automated Row Number setting
  • ...and whatever my little knowledge of Pascal/Delphi will allow me to do )))))
Some screenshots:

Latest build
Click here