ZX Spectrum Demoparty Calendar 2015

Demoparty calendar: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
09-11 JAN CC Winter 2015ALL, ZXAllowed Random
09-11 JAN DiHalt 2015 LiteZXAllowed Vinnny, TmK
26 FEB Sochi Party 2015ZX, OLDSCHOOLAllowed Kakos_nonos
13-15 MAR Forever 2015ZX, C64,CPC, AtariAllowed MikeZT
03-06 APR Revision 2015OLDSCHOOLNot allowed FRaNKy
24-26 APR Multimatograf 11ZX, OLDSCHOOLAllowed Nyuk
14-17 MAY Outline 2015Atari, OLDSCHOOLAllowed numtek
13 JUN speccy.pl party 2015.1ZX, OLDSCHOOLAllowed Tygrys
19-21 JUN Nordlicht 2015OLDSCHOOLAllowed wysiwtf
04-05 JUL DiHalt 2015ALL, ZXAllowed Vinnny, TmK
10-12 JUL 3BM OpenAir 2015ZXAllowed diver, nodeus
25 JUL Crazy Siberian Party 2015ZXAllowed wbr
07-09 AUG Sundown 2015ALL, OLDSCHOOLAllowed Ruairi (rc55)
29-30 AUG Chaos Constructions 2015ALL, ZXAllowed Random
04-06 SEP Riverwash 2015ALL, OLDSCHOOLAllowed Fei
16-18 OCT RetroKomp / LOAD ERROR 2015Amiga, OLDSCHOOLAllowed sachy
15 NOV BASE-X 2015ZXAllowed diver, nodeus
28 NOV ArtField 2015ZX, OLDSCHOOLAllowed aturbidflow
28 NOV VI MICROCOMPO AY VOL.2MSXAllowed rolemusic
19 DEC JHCon 2015ZXunknown Factor 6

update1: payback 2015 added
update2: calendar rebuild as a sheet
update3: all known parties added to timeline (10/02/2015)
update4: season colors(11/02/2015)
update5: country flags added, assembly date changed, @party, solskogen added (18/02/2015)
update6: organizers and information about allowing of remote entries added (19/02/2015)
update7: RetroKomp / LOAD ERROR added (03/03/2015)
update8: speccy.pl party, CSP, Evoke, Arok, Gerp added (24/06/2015)
update9: ArtField added (25/06/2015)
updateA: BASE-X added (07/09/2015)
updateB: Artfield date changed (15/09/2015)
updateC: Gothenburg Autumn Gathering added (22/09/2015)
updateD: Culturachip AY music compo added (20/10/2015)
updateE: there will be no any competitions at JHCon'2015 (29/11/2015)
updateF: years added to the party names (30/11/2015)
updateG: jhcon 2015 added (11/01/2016)